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Plastic / Poly Crossover Toolboxes

Crossover toolboxes suspend from the side rails of your truck bed to create clearance underneath the toolbox to allow you full use of the truck bed for lumber, tools or other long items. Polyethelene constuction provides a lightweight, rustproof box to safely store your tools and other equipment securely without marking up your truck bed the way a metal toolbox can. Choose from black plastic truck boxes for both full-size and compact trucks.

Titan Polyethylene Gull Wing Crossover Tool Boxes
Titan Polyethylene Gull Wing Crossover Tool Boxes

Crossover style toolboxes suspend from the truck bed side rails to provide extra clearance beneath the toolbox, allowing for use of the entire truck bed floor for lumber and other long items. Gull wing lids allow access from either side of the truck.

  • 202000 Crossover for Compact Truck
    60"/53"/39" L x 21" W x 14-1/4"/9-3/8" H, 6.5 cu ft $269.99


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